Climb your mountaintop! It’s another way of saying to ‘Define Your Purpose’

When you have a purpose, you wake up with excitement. You have no desire to overindulge because these other parts of your life are so exciting. That’s what we’re going to get at right now. 

But when it comes to ‘this is my life purpose,’ we get confused, thinking there is just one. 
It’s like when people ask, oh what was your favorite mountain to climb? 

They’re disappointed because I don’t have a favorite. It’s like asking a parent, which is your favorite kid. They’ve all got traits that are different but those traits don’t mean i love one or the other the most. 

But to say, “my life purpose is to look after my kids!” well, what about your health. My life purpose is to put on 20 pounds of lean muscle. Great! What about your job? My life purpose is to be a lawyer. Great! What about your spirit. My purpose is to become enlightened or to go to heaven. Great. Then why are you saving for a vacation? 

Those are all awesome purposes. 

So we don’t have one singular mountain to climb in life. We may climb them one at a time, but we actually have a mountain range.

The exercise right now, to get started is to download the PDF for this lesson and guage where you’re at right now. Every climb starts at the trailhead and this is the trailhead for this course

Your job is to rate, on a scale from 1-5, where you are in the 7 areas of life. 

Mind – Body – Fun (activities, hobbies) – People (family, friendships) – professional/educational – Spirit (god, service, significance)

Screenshot it and then draw on it

Print it off and marker it

Draw it again 

but mark on it somehow because this is measuring where you’re at

When you go to a doctor, you get your temperature and blood pressure and weight and pulse oximeter because they want a baseline measurement of where you are. 

That’s what we’re doing right now. 

Put in the comments what you rank the highest on, what are you doing great with? And comment what needs to be improved.