You know where you are now. 

You know where you want to go. 

All that’s left is to fill in the pieces. 

Here’s the deal: you don’t need a clear, step by step plan for every single step. You get to figure it out as you go!

Steve: He didn’t know how to assemble a rifle. He didn’t even know he was going to have to learn how to do that. He just knew, “army ranger.” He knew deadline. He filled in the gaps as they came along. 

Elon Musk: Didn’t know he was going to put a car in space when he started paypal. he just knew, goal one day, space tourism!

Questions to determine your timeline 
When would I feel like this thing slipped by? 

What are the hard deadlines that are set by others? (aka, admissions, age requirement, signup deadline for a course, maybe a biological deadline, like having a kid or playing a sport

How does this thing fit into the big picture of my other deadlines? (I have to get moved into my storage unit before Ashley arrives, and had to see ashley before I went to Puerto Rico… no desire for moving, but it has a deadline because of the other two deadlines. 

This is what I like to call hitchhiker motivation. – a parasite sucks onto something else. 
So if one of your goals is to have a family, children, then buying a house could come first. 

if you’re a student, and you have zero interest in chemistry, but you know you have to pass that exam because you are hugely passionate about getting into university, or because you want to work in biosciences to fight global warming, well then now you know you need to pass that class because of the large goal. 

Next Step: Add a date to each of the goals. 
Then fill in important milestones between now and then. these are the steps required to complete the goal. for example, climbing denali. rainier prep course. Gear purchase. Rainier climb. Buy flight. Pay for guided experience.