Elon Musk: Who is the best publicity person in the world right now? Whatever it takes, lets hire that person. So good because his mindset isn’t let’s just find someone. it’s, let’s align with the best and we’ll see the best results.

Pick 3 rule: get three of these and dive in deep.

(these are in order from best to pretty good)
Who is my guide? AKA Who are my coaches? (you chose me, andre agassi example of the RIGHT coaches, beware the selfish coach who wants to profit more than help) 
Who is just as committed as I am?
What are the best books? 

(Reading 5 books on 1 subject will make you smarter than 98% of people on a given subject)

What are the courses?

What are the youtube channels and videos? 
What are the podcasts? 
What are the blogs and forums?
What are the films?