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The Teen Leadership Kick-Start Guide

youthleadershipu January 12, 2024

Fast-track your way to becoming the impactful leader you’re meant to be.

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New Student Leader’s Bootcamp

Student leadership: your number one goal should be to become a student of leadership. This is where adults who are in leadership roles get it wrong. It’s not about knowing it all and having all the answers and giving our orders to your minion followers. Instead it’s about learning to have the responsibility as new situations arise.  

Provide Module context!

A. Describe what it is! – make a visual framework. Show them visually where they are at.

B. Benefits – Why it has holistic value (why it matters to personal life, health, career, relationships, personal happiness). Sell them on why it’s a game changer for them to pay attention.

C. Why people struggle so much

D. Expert story positioning

E. Goals for rest of module

Questions are better than statements. Before others will be willing to follow, you have to ask yourself, “What kind of leader will I become?”

Course overview

Personal Growth + Relational Influence = Leadership


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