The reason you have this goal is to live a miniature life. 

When you awake, everything is a shock. It’s freezing, you’re tired, cant breathe, and you don’t want to get out of the sleeping bag, just like a baby being born, put into the cold air, exhausted alpine start, don’t want to leave the womb.

realize you’re a kid. going to grow up. 

Warm-up period. cranky. irritable. joints hurt. 

– clear the plate, completely. get up early. it’s what you are doing that day/week/month/year. 

Teenager: elation and awe. to be in the stars with mountains above and surrounding. ‘this is special, and it’s what i live for.’ sun starts to rise. crevasses in the ice. best friends tied to you with their lives. don’t want to slow them down. 

20s – Wondering if you’re in over your head. 

Prove yourself in a small moment (disappointment cleaver)

30s – Only to realize, there is a stupid amount more to climb… the turnaround point on rainier. 

40s – That’s when you settle in. You start to dig deep and discover what you’re really made of. This is where you shine at high altitude. 

50s – summit – cruise. 

60s / 70s – descent

80s/90s/100s – back to base camp and home. 

The reason this goal has been put into your heart IS for spirtual development. It’s the next step in the evolution of your soul. 

Its true that we will repeat the same lessons in life until we learn them, and because this thing has called out to you, this is your moment to learn the thing that your soul needs to learn. Whetehr you’re 15 or 50 or 150 and listeniing to this, it is my honor to be guiding you in the process of goal-setting, because I get to help you in the evolution of your soul. I get to help you and your family to evolve to the thing that comes next. To me, that i a joy and a real honor, and it is the fulfillment of what comes next for me, it’s the next completed puzzle piece for why I’ve been so drawn to oceans and mountains in this lifetime I’ve been given.