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Establish Your Leadership Basecamp

youthleadershipu January 12, 2024

Become the type of human that others are magnetically drawn to

A Maximum 10 steps (teach) 

Liked vs. respected. – Being criticized is now your goal.

Self-Awareness – Breathing, scan, naming emotions
Others awareness – they’re allowed to be them. It’s never cool to tell someone what their emotions are or that they should change.

Be a magnetic leader who people are attracted to vs. a herder leader who gets resistance and resentment.

Be willing to do the stuff whether or not anyone else is going along with you – because it’s right, because you want the growth, because you believe in the benefit, because you don’t want the pain

B Dos and donts

C Resilience – What do you do when you get disappointed/criticized/knocked down as a result. How to deal with the tough stuff and bad days as they progress through this.