In that moment when you are out of energy and feel like you are nowhere near the summit, what do you do? how do you persist? Often we feel like we are letting ourselves or even other people down if we don’t continue on… we’re told to never quit, never give up. But is this healthy? In this quest to overcome impossible odds, to stretch the human soul, to see what you’re made of, to persist, fight, and carry on… can’t that be the best thing you’ve ever done? And also, can’t it all be… completely destructive? 

Yes. And no. 

And that’s so damn confusing. 

You hit this moment, when your energy is depleted, but you realize theres so much more to go. You’re going slower than expected and time is running out. You are cold, can’t feel your fingers or toes, are thirsty, hungry, nauseas, or in pain, but there’s the thing you’ve come this far for. What do you do?

Here is how I determine whether I continue or turn back: 

Will the mountain be there tomorrow? 
Are the consequences worth the damage? (marathon running)